Make Your Own Coffee Can Car Kit


An accident or severe weather situation can occur at any time. Drivers must be aware of the effects of cold weather in the event that he or she becomes stranded. In order to prevent being stranded, please refer to our tips for vehicle winterization and get your car serviced before it’s too late.

Sometimes we will find ourselves in dangerous situations when driving long distances during winter months. Not only is it helpful to have proper winter tires, it is also helpful to have supplies on hand until help or until Emergency Roadside Assistance arrives. Read more and  you’ll find some helpful tips on how to make your own Coffee Can Emergency Car Kit which will help you in the event of small emergencies.

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Winter Weather Driving Checklist


Driving during winter weather conditions is sometimes hazardous at best. Listed below are some helpful tips from the Illinois State Police on safe driving in winter traffic.

  • Plan your travel, selection both primary and alternate routes. Allow for extra travel time.
  • Let someone know your travel routes and itinerary so that, if you don’t arrive on time, officials will know where to search for you.
  • Check the latest winter weather information on your radio.
  • Try not to travel alone- two or three people are preferable.
  • Travel in convoy (with another vehicle) if possible.
  • Drive carefully and defensively. Be on the lookout for ice patches on bridges and overpasses.
  • If a storm begins to be too much for you to handle, take a break or seek refuge immediately.
  • If your car should become disabled, stay with the vehicle, running your engine and heater for short intervals. Be sure to crack open a window in your vehicle to avoid carbon monoxide build-up.

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Cassidy Tire & Service Women’s Car Care Clinic – Lombard


This clinic will be held at our Lombard location (444 W. Roosevelt Rd.) on Thursday, October 8th at 6:00 PM.

Knowledge is Power!

Would you like to know how to keep your car running longer?

Are you looking to spend less money on expensive and avoidable repairs?

Do you feel intimidated walking into a tire or repair shop?

Wondering how to gain knowledge, so you have power and say about your car?

Join the staff of Cassidy Tire & Service at our Lombard Store for our FREE annual Women’s Car Care Clinic on Thursday, October 8th at 6:00 p.m.

In this hands-on clinic, you can expect to learn:

-How to identify signs that your vehicle needs to be repaired or serviced.

-What to know when you bring your vehicle in for repair.

-How to properly care for tires.

-Useful information about major car parts and services like brakes,

alignments, oil changes, batteries, and wheel balancing.

-How to save money on your car repairs.

-How to safely install your spare.

And more!

With refreshments, giveaways and plenty of opportunities to ask specific questions about your vehicle, the Women’s Car Care Clinic is a great way to hang out with your friends and gain some auto expertise at the same time.

Sign-up early to secure your spot!

Call 630-620-2300 or email to register.

RSVP to our Facebook Event!

Cassidy Women’s Car Care Clinic

Join us for Cassidy Women’s Car Care Clinic on Thursday, July 9th at 6:00 PM! We will hold this informational clinic at our Canal St. location (344 N. Canal St).

Women's Car Care Clinic 3 Spring 2015

There is nothing worse than encountering a bump in the road, feeling your car jerk, and slowly realizing that you have a flat tire. With so many potholes in the Chicago area, it is very common to encounter a flat, so learning how to install a spare is a very important skill to have.

In 2011, Continental Tire published a survey that indicated one in three women don’t know how to change a tire. The survey also mentioned that 33% of women will call a parent or their significant other before calling a tow truck service. The survey mentioned 73% of the men sampled just change their own tires. We’d like to help minimize this statistic by offering women the information they need to stay safe and knowledgable about vehicle maintenance and safety. Forget the hassle! Save yourself some money ladies, do it yourself!

For more information and to solidify a spot, RSVP to our Facebook event!

Cassidy Now Offers Rideshare Vehicle Inspections!


Cassidy Tire & Service is very excited to announce that it is now a Rideshare Approved partner! We understand that ridesharing is conducive to helping cut-down on traffic congestion as well as improving air quality and the quality of living in our region.

No matter which vehicle service you use ( Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, Wingz, etc.), Cassidy will inspect your vehicle! As part of a special offer to celebrate this new partnership, Rideshare vehicle inspections only cost $15.00! Save yourself some cash and don’t be swindled by other service centers! Cassidy’s competitors are charging $20.00 for vehicle inspection services. For a limited time, free nitrogen is also being offered with the purchase of a vehicle inspection! To learn more about the benefits of nitrogen, view Cassidy’s very informative blog post.

Cassidy Tire & Service is the largest family owned independent tire dealer. Since 1892, Cassidy tire has been in business for well over 100 years. Four generations later, the company expanded to serve 15 locations throughout the Chicagoland area. Cassidy knows that staying in business takes more than providing a service or product in exchange for a customer’s hard-earned money. It’s about doing your best for each customer.

Summer Road Trips


Time to take to the open road! The temperature is finally warm and you’re looking to see something new, but where should you go?

Want to stay in Illinois? Take a trip over to Rockford. This old industrial town has plenty of fun. For a relaxing day outside take a visit to the Anderson Japanese Gardens. On a rainy day you can take a trip to the Rockford Art Museum for some quiet time indoors. And for non-stop family fun check out the Discovery Center Museum.

Looking to venture a bit farther? take a trip north to Kenosha, Wisconsin. Fans of Happy Days and the bygone era of drive ins and sock hops will love Big Star Drive-In. Before the movie you an check out Frank’s Diner, which has been open since 1926. And if you’re looking to go way, way back in time, check out the Kenosha Public Museum.

And if you need to dip your toes in some cool water be sure to take a trip to Harbor Country in Michigan. Eight southwest Michigan towns make up this unique vacation spot, often called the Midwest Martha’s Vinyard. Rent a summer cottage or stay in a nearby hotel, but be sure to bring your bathing suit because Harbor Country boast Lake Michigan’s warmest waters.

Before you decide to take your car on any long trips, be sure to bring it to your nearest Cassidy Tire location. We’ll make sure it’s in top shape to get you there, back, and anywhere else you need to go.

Summer Car Care

The mercury still hasn’t quite risen where we’d like it to be, but summer is coming. Follow these simple steps to make sure that your car is ready for all the summer road trips that are ahead.

As you may already know, checking your tire pressure is one of the simplest and most important things you can do to ensure the health and safety of your vehicle. Changes in temperature can cause fairly drastic changes in tire pressure. While this is something that should be done once or twice each month many of us chose to avoid the cold and our cars often suffer.

Summer is the most important time to make sure that your cooling system is functioning properly. It isn’t a bad idea to take your vehicle to a professional to have it checked. If anything from the inspection seems to be malfunctioning it is important to replace it now, before the temperatures reach their highest. A small replacement now will save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

Another bit of routine maintenance that is commonly overlooked during the cold winter months is oil changes. It is important to get your oil changed regularly to avoid larger problems down the road. While you’re checking your tire pressure and coolant, why not make sure that your vehicle isn’t long overdue for an oil change.

It may seem obvious, but it is a good time to make sure that your air conditioner is in working order. The last thing you want is to realize that your AC is broken on the hottest day of the year.

The most important thing to keep in mind year round is to stay on top of your maintenance schedule. whether it’s 90 degrees, or 10 below, if it’s time for to get work done, get it done. When your car is running smoothly on that first really hot day, you’ll be glad you did.

If your vehicle needs any service, take it to Cassidy Tire today. We’ll get you back on the road in no time!

Spring Into Action

Even though it may seem like winter will never end, spring is right around the corner! It’s always good to get your car ready for season change. Here are just a few tips to help you along.

It’s always important to make sure your tires are properly inflated. AS things start to warm up, the pressure in your tires is likely to change. Be sure they’re filled to the recommended pressure to maintain the safety of your vehicle. While you’re inspecting your tires, be sure to check the treads to ensure that they are not worn down after harsh winter driving.

Now is also not a bad time to take your car in for an oil change. Often people will put off routine maintenance on their cars during the winter because the weather can make going out feel like a nightmare. As the driving season starts to begin it’s important to keep your car running smoothly.

Winter takes its toll on the looks of your car too. Driving on icy and salty roads can affect your car’s appearance and if left alone, you can actually deteriorate your car’s body. Give your car a good wash to get all of that winter grime off. You’ll want it to look good when you go for a Sunday drive with your windows down.

Just keep holding on; spring will be here before you know it. And if you need any service performed on your vehicle, be sure to take it in to Cassidy!